Malaysia: Former PM Najib Razak goes to prison after bid fizzles

Date: 2022-08-23
Malaysia's top court has dismissed a last allure by the previous top state leader in his unite case, maintaining his 12-year jail sentence. He was indicted for stealing from a state venture fund. Former Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak started his 12-year jail sentence on Tuesday, having been indicted for stealing from a state speculation reserve.
Malaysia's Federal Court consistently maintained Najib's conviction and sentence, dismissing the previous top of government's last allure.

Najib was taken to Kajang jail on the edges of Malaysian capital Kuala Lumpur following the decision.

The previous head of the state had been temporarily free from jail forthcoming requests since his sentence in 2020.

What did the Federal Court say?

The five-part Federal Court, which is Malaysia's most elevated legal power, said it observed that the High Court's choice was right. It added that Najib's allure was "without any benefits."

"This is a basic and direct instance of maltreatment of influence, criminal break of trust and tax evasion," Chief Justice Maimun Tuan Mat said.

The equity proceeded to say that Malaysia's top court "couldn't presume that any of the discoveries of the High Court, as avowed by the Court of Appeal, were unreasonable or doubtlessly off-base to warrant re-appraising mediation."

"We concur that the guard is so intrinsically conflicting and mind blowing that it doesn't raise a sensible uncertainty on the indictment case," she said.

What was Najib indicted for?

Close by the 12-year jail sentence, Najib was likewise requested to pay a 210 million ringgit ($46.8 million, E47.2 million) fine.

He was sentenced for stealing from the 1MDB state improvement store.

Najib set up the 1MDB soon after taking power in 2009.

Specialists claimed that somewhere around $4.5 billion was taken from the asset and washed by Najib's partners. The outrage prompted the kickoff of examinations in the US and a few different nations.

Najib was viewed as at fault for seven charges of debasement for illicitly getting $9.4 million from previous 1MDB unit SRC International.

Najib said he was "unreasonably treated" and that the case had been hurried through.

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