After demonstrators attack the government palace, Iraq imposes a statewide curfew.

Date: 2022-08-29
Security forces in Iraq have imposed a statewide curfew in reaction to the violent protests that have broken out in front of the government building in Baghdad. Medical officials said that 12 demonstrators had injuries from tear gas and physical altercations with riot police during the skirmishes outside Baghdad's Green Zone, which took place before a curfew that started at 7 o'clock local time. Two Iraqis were murdered in the incident.
Moqtada al-Sadr, an influential Shi'ite Muslim cleric in Iraq, announced his resignation from politics due to the impasse around the formation of a new government, which led to violence between his supporters and those supporting armed groups with ties to Iran.
Outside of government buildings and embassies, dozens of young men who were loyal to Sadr and others who supported the organisations sponsored by Tehran threw rocks at one another.
According to reports, gunfire was heard in the centre of Baghdad, possibly from guns being shot into the air.
After Sadr declared he was leaving politics, his supporters—who had been holding a weeks-long sit-in at parliament in the Green Zone—organized a protest and stormed the main cabinet building. This led to the fighting.
By opposing US and Iranian influence on Iraqi politics, Sadr has gained widespread support, making him the election's greatest winner.
In June, after failing to establish a coalition government that included his competitors, primarily Shi'ite groups backed by Tehran, he removed all of his legislators from the legislature.
Early elections and the dissolution of the legislature are demands made by Sadr. He claims that no politician in government after the 2003 US invasion cannot continue to do so.
In a message published on Twitter, Sadr announced his "last withdrawal," chastising other Shi'ite political figures for ignoring his appeals for reform.
He did not go into detail about closing his offices, but he did say that places of worship and cultural institutions will be open as usual.

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