Ukraine's Prime Minister encourages the EU to continue supporting the military effort.

Date: 2022-09-05
Denys Shmyhal, the prime minister of Ukraine, asked the European Union on Monday to keep up its support for Kyiv in the confrontation with Russia and to fulfil its promises to provide financial and military help.
On Monday morning, Roberta Metsola, the head of the parliament, and Shmyhal met. According to Metsola, who spoke to Reuters, "the demands were for the European Union to live up to its pledges given in terms of financial help, but also in terms of military and logistical support."
Whether sanctions against Russia were effective, whether they should be extended to the digital economy, the ongoing operations of some EU enterprises in Russia, and whether or not to permit Russian tourists into the union were the main topics of debate, according to Metsola.
She claimed that the leaders of the political groups reiterated their unanimity in favour of Ukraine's EU candidacy.
According to Metsola, there is a chance that Europeans would lose sight of the struggle as a result of rising prices, particularly for energy.
Over the next months or years, "the risk is that we turn a blind eye, and that millions of Ukrainians feel they have no choice but to remain, either internally displaced or outside of Ukraine... Our reaction needs to be unshakable," she warned.

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