According to Uniper CEO, Germany may explore limiting gas.

Date: 2022-09-05
Following Russia's decision to block gas exports via the Nord Stream 1 pipeline indefinitely, German gas importer Uniper does not completely rule out the possibility that Europe's largest economy could ultimately adopt gas rationing.
The business, which is the largest importer of Russian gas into Germany, is also thinking of taking Moscow's massive Gazprom to court to make up for a 90% decline in the market value of its shares as a result of a dramatic reduction in Russian gas supplies since June.
In an interview with Reuters on the margins of an international gas conference in Milan, CEO Klaus-Dieter Maubach said, "We cannot rule out that Germany would look at rationing gas as something that might have to be addressed."
We are aware that the administration is trying to avoid this as much as they can because it would be disastrous in so many ways, he continued.
The European Union is still struggling to recover from the crisis, and Monday saw gas prices in Europe spike as Russia halted flowing via Nord Stream 1, a key supply line to the region.

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