Russian gas exports to the EU via Ukraine are still steady, while Nord Stream remains closed.

Date: 2022-09-06
On Tuesday morning, the Nord Stream 1 pipeline from Russia to Germany remained closed, while low-level eastbound gas flows via the Yamal-Europe pipeline to Poland from Germany persisted. These gas supplies from Russia to Europe via Ukraine were steady.
After Russia postponed a deadline to begin flows after maintenance on Saturday, the Nord Stream 1 pipeline that crosses the Baltic Sea and leads to Germany had zero Russian gas flows on Tuesday.
Historically, the pipeline provided a third of the gas that Russia delivered to Europe, but it was barely operating at 20% of its potential before the interruption last week.
Russian gas continued to flow via Ukraine to Europe.
According to statistics from the Ukrainian transmission system operator, nominations for Russian gas flows into Slovakia from Ukraine via the Velke Kapusany border point were roughly 36.7 million cubic metres (mcm) per day on Tuesday, barely changing from the day before.
In keeping with the previous day, Russia's Gazprom announced on Tuesday that it will transport 42.4 mcm of gas to Europe via Ukraine via the Sudzha entry point.
Data from operator Gascade revealed that between 0800 and 0900 CET on Tuesday, eastbound gas flows over the Yamal-Europe pipeline from Germany to Poland were at 551,464 kilowatt-hours per hour (kWh/h) at the Mallnow metering station on the German border.

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