Do you know popularity of World Star Hip Hop ??

A multimedia portal called World Star Hip Hop (WSHH) was established in 2005 to promote hip-hop music videos, news, and culture. It has developed into a well-liked hangout for hip-hop enthusiasts over time and has earned a reputation for its contentious nature, which includes obscene and combat footage. The website's contribution to the development of hip-hop community has drawn acclaim and criticism, and it has had a profound effect on the genre in general.

Do you know popularity of World Star Hip Hop ??

Lee "Q" O'Denat, a businessman and hip-hop aficionado, launched WSHH because he recognised a chance to establish a venue that would highlight the finest in hip-hop music and culture. Established in 2005, the website soon established a reputation as a centre for hip-hop news, original stuff, as well as music videos.

WSHH's early reputation was mostly based on its music videos. The website included the most recent music videos from well-known and upcoming hip-hop artists. One of the earliest websites to offer viewer material, it let users to contribute their own music and films

WSHH quickly gained a reputation as a trustworthy generator of hip-hop news, music videos, and unique shows. The website design and YouTube channel's "World Star Hip Hop Candy" segments, which feature funny appearances and remix, have also become increasingly popular.

The combat films produced by WSHH have drawn criticism for glorifying violence and insulting stereotypes. Regarding this arguments, the website has retained a sizable fan base and is a well-liked hangout for hip-hop lovers.

In respect of its accomplishments, WSHH has been commended for its contribution to the discovery of new hip-hop artists as well as for its influence on the hip-hop scene as a whole. The site has also been attributed with aiding in the hip-hop genre's rising popularity and introduction to a larger audience.

WSHH gained notoriety as a result of its content, which included sexual material and combat films. While some condemned the site for its fight videos' promotion of violence and harmful stereotypes, others applauded it for its authenticity and unvarnished portrayal of hip-hop culture.

In regards to its impact on hip-hop community, WSHH has received appreciation for its contribution to the discovery of new hip-hop artists as well as for its overall influence. The portal is recognised for commercialising and introducing the hip-hop genre to a larger audience. Hip-hop music and culture have historically been less well-liked outside of the United States; nonetheless, WSHH has been acknowledged for helping to increase its influence there.

Unfortunately, WSHH has also come under fire for its programming, which has been criticised for encouraging violence and unfavourable perceptions. Some claim that the network has aided in the degeneration of hip-hop culture and the dissemination of a false impression of the genre. The platform's combat videos have been cited by opponents as proof of their detrimental effects on hip-hop culture, and they have demanded that the company become more careful with the information it publishes.

WSHH is still one of the biggest and most important forums in the hip-hop genre and maintains a favourite destination for followers despite the controversy. The website has retained a sizable fan base and is a focal point for hip-hop culture, music, and news.

By collaborating with well-known brands and businesses, WSHH has recently increased the scope of its reach. The website has also released a number of popular mobile applications, including the World Star Hip Hop app, which enables users to view the website's content while on the move.


In the hip-hop community, World Star Hip Hop is an established and significant platform. Regardless of the controversy surrounding it, it is still a favourite hangout for aficionados of the subgenre and has influenced hip-hop culture. The site has received accolades for helping to establish new artists and popularise the hip-hop genre, but it has also faced criticism for its debatable material, which encourages violence and unfavourable caricatures. Despite of its disagreements