What you should know about Steve Harrington

In these bright, psychedelic illustrations, Los Angeles-based artist Steve Harrington gives Mickey Mouse and other well-known Disney characters a Californian twist.

What you should know about Steve Harrington

Steve Harrington's art talks through symbols and feelings that are portrayed with unwavering lines and soft colour schemes. It is full of recognisable figures and cheerful hues. What or who inspires the Los Angeles-based artist?

What are Steve Harrington's sources of inspiration?

He believes the weather is the main source of inspiration. In Los Angeles, it is often sunny when you step outside. I have a bond with how this city's hue changes over time since I grew up here. Where they lie in between, there are several sun-bleached colours. When murals, buildings, and automobiles are first painted, they have vibrant colours, but as time goes on, those colours tend to muffle, fade, and take on new qualities. I adore those in-between colour shades, when the hue is neither quite red nor quite orange but instead a mixture of both. It's a pastel colour or the original hue in a faded form. Certainly a significant portion of my work involves celebrating the brightness and optimism of Los Angeles and my surroundings.

Steve Harrington's first project:

He started out as a graphic designer. I discovered that by studying the culture and vocabulary of cartoons, you can employ a very approachable set of iconographies to draw people in and discuss a wide range of subjects. Over time, I've particularly been drawn to the ability of iconography to discuss everything from lighthearted and frivolous subjects to more weighty issues. For instance, this flame I drew is truly about the wildfires we encounter in the West with greater ferocity. Sometimes I use such lyrical interpretations of concepts and happenings in my work.

 Disney experience:

Steve Harrington's first Disney experience is certainly representative of many individuals, especially those who grew up in Southern California. My first Disney memory, in my opinion, came from "looking at memories," or going at pictures of my family and I visiting Disneyland. It's a memory from my childhood in Southern California. Before I could even comprehend where we were heading, I had the impression that we had already arrived at Disneyland. Looking back at old photographs, you gradually realise that, yes, we WERE in Disneyland.My first exposure to Disney animation was on the early-morning weekday television show "Merrie Melodies." Looking back, the cartoons almost have the impression of being magical, animated works of art.

At first, it felt quite weird to be able to include and draw the Disney characters and merge them into my environment. Having the ability to draw from, play with, and take elements from this really rich universe of art was tremendously thrilling to me at the same time.

What types of difficulties does Steve Harrington enjoy?

He has an interest in sculpture and putting my work in a three-dimensional physical environment. He likes the concept of removing the parts off the canvas, shaping them, and allowing me to move around them at various scales. I'd love to emphasise that more in my own work.

Steve Harrington's strange characteristics include his introspection.

Steve is unique in that he can look in the mirror and tell when he's done anything wrong. A simple example of Steve's self-awareness is his ability to recognise when jokes are getting out of hand. You may argue that morally dubious characters are overused in today's entertainment, despite the fact that they can be fascinating. Steve strives to be decent, even if he may not always succeed.

Friendships and interactions with kids:

Steve shows up for his buddies. He cherishes his ties with other people and will always try to have their back, regardless of when or why. The finest aspect of Steve Harrington that I could highlight on this list is his friendship with Dustin and the other Stranger Things kids. According to what we know about Dustin's personality, his father isn't present. In addition to defending the kids from Billy (Dacre Montgomery) and eldritch creatures, Steve makes a special effort to be Dustin's elder brother and father. He shall always remember dropping him off for his middle school dance as one of the most heartwarming moments. To me, it's one of his character traits that most appeals to people.

Steve Harrington's audacity

Numerous studies have found that women are drawn to men who exhibit "heroic and selfless attributes." Steve's character repeatedly brings this bravery or heroism to life. In the final two episodes of season four, volume one, we are exposed to this facet. Although we adore it, this might endanger Steve's life.

Steve Harrington's humour

Humour is frequently linked to loving and intellectual personalities, which are highly desired qualities in a spouse. We all enjoy a man who can make us smile, and Steve frequently provides this throughout the more tense parts of the programme.