Since it opened its first location in Taiwan in November 2017, Tiger Sugar has been a cult favourite. Since then, the company has established operations in Hong Kong, Singapore, the Philippines, Malaysia, and, of course, Cambodia. Tiger Sugar makes a major splash with its first presentation on November 8th in the Boeung Keng Kang neighbourhood, drawing a sizable audience and a long line on opening day.



One of the most well-known boba teas is tiger sugar milk tea, yet many people are unaware of its history and exquisite caramel flavour. Tiger milk tea is simple to make at home despite its elegant presentation.

In order to give the boba tea a sweet flavour, tiger stripes of thick brown sugar syrup are lined inside the edges of the glass in the tiger sugar milk tea version. Brown sugar syrup, boba pearls, and creamy whole milk can be combined to make tiger sugar milk tea. Tiger milk tea is traditionally made without tea.

The History of Tiger Sugar: Customers who stopped by to see what the commotion was about received the first 200 cups of Tiger Sugar for free. After placing your order, it usually takes 10 minutes or so to receive the much-sought-after beverage. Once you've received your drink, it's time to take a photo of the Instagram-worthy beverage! As the first location in Malaysia, some consumers travelled all the way from Kuala Lumpur to enjoy the beverage.


You'll detect an alluring perfume as you get closer. Large pans are used to cook the boba and brown sugar syrup, which is their specialty.

Each beverage goes through a number of steps.The viscous syrup is first applied to the plastic cup's sides.

To make sure the right amount of syrup is used, each cup is weighed. The boba is then spooned inside. The alternative is to use tiny pearls.

Then cold milk and ice cubes are introduced. Due to the use of filtered water, the ice is firm and solid, unlike that from commercial ice suppliers.

You'll note that only the Japanese Meiji brand of milk is used by Tiger Sugar. It is not creamed. This specific brand, which is also used in Singapore, was chosen for its creamier flavour.

Once you present your order number, a dollop of cream mousse is poured, and the top is sealed before it is presented to you


The beverage doesn't have an extremely rich or sweet flavour. The boba has a somewhat chewier texture and is a touch softer than typical tapioca pearls.

You can choose the third series, which is offered with or without cream mousse, if you prefer tea lattes.

An iconic beverage enjoyed by all fans of boba is brown sugar boba milk with cream mousse. The Boba balls have a mild, sweet flavour and are soft and chewy. This drink will definitely satiate your need, thanks to the sweetness of the brown sugar mixed with the fresh milk and creamy mousse.

Tiger Sugar's Green Tea Latte is a favourite among customers. Although it may appear and sound straightforward at first, the taste may surprise you. Green tea with fresh milk has a nicely balanced, sweet aroma and flavour. perfect for lifting your spirits.

Another Tiger Sugar specialty beverage that is worth trying is the black tea latte with cream mousse. The boba mania is heightened by the ideal fusion of fresh mousse and black tea scent, which leaves a sweet, milky flavour and a subtle bitterness from the black tea


Tiger Sugar is most renowned for its milk teas that are Instagram-ready and syrup-streaked. According to Tiger Sugar spokesperson K. Leung, the drink's creator, Ming Tsung Yang, discovered it by mixing fresh milk, tapioca pearls, and brown sugar syrup at his dessert shop in Taichung, Taiwan. According to Leung, "brown sugar" is pronounced virtually identically to "tiger sugar" in Mandarin. Additionally, the brown sugar gives the beverage "tiger stripes."

The tried-and-true "golden ratio" of proprietary brown sugar syrup, organic milk, and a combination of slowly cooked tapioca pearls will be largely relied upon by Tiger Sugar. Leung explains that the tapioca takes three hours to cook. The smaller boba has a smooth texture, whereas the larger boba has a very chewy texture and absorbs the flavour and aroma of the sugar.


Everyone who enjoys milk tea should try it once in their lifetime since it is undoubtedly a novel milk tea experience. Due to the characteristic brown sugar syrup, it is creamy, not overly sweet, yet flavorful, and the boba is also incredibly chewy and delicious on its own. I never imagined milk tea could taste this nice, in my opinion.