What is Most important achievement of mercari ?

One may purchase and sell a range of commodities on the Japanese e-commerce site Mercari, including apparel, electronics, and household goods. The business was established in 2013 and has since developed into one of Japan's most well-known shopping websites. Users may easily put products for sale and make purchases on the site thanks to the Mercari app, which is available for both iOS and Android.

What is Most important achievement of mercari ?

The industry's commitment to environmental responsibility is just as important as its financial performance. At the Japan Recycling Awards in 2019, Mercari won the Grand Prize in the "Eco-Products Award" category. With this award, Mercari was honoured for its platform-based initiatives to cut waste and encourage product reuse. One of the company's distinctive selling points is its attempts to make purchasing and selling used products simple, convenient, and ecologically responsible It has a feature that distinguishes it from other e-commerce businesses.

how to do pronunciation?

In English, the word "Mercari" is pronunciation "mer-ka-ree." The name of the business is a mix of the Latin words "mercari," which mean "to trade," and the Japanese term "kari," which means "temporary." This underscores the company's goal of making it simple for people to purchase and sell things temporarily.

For anyone seeking to work for the firm, Mercari provides a choice of job options. Jobs span from satisfying customers to part of product management. The organisation places a high priority on equal opportunity and welcomes employment applications from people with a variety of experiences.

In addition to allowing customers to purchase and sell things, Mercari also provides a variety of other tools to enhance their shopping convenience. For instance, the platform has an integrated messaging feature that enables direct communication between buyers and sellers. In order to increase openness and trust on the network, users may also submit ratings for one another. To assist customers in saving money on their shopping, Mercari also provides a selection of discount coupons.

All sales at Mercari are subject to a flat 10% fee. However, the business periodically runs specials, like a discount code, that can assist to cut down or even get rid of these expenses.

The business's legal name is Mercari, Inc. You may access your account by logging in on the Mercari app or the company's website, respectively. Additionally, the official website provides useful tools including a FAQ section and contact details for customer assistance.

An international marketplace called Mercari connects buyers and sellers. You can find almost everything you're searching for, and it's simple to use. Mercari has you covered whether you want to purchase a new outfit or sell your old phone. You may shop from the convenience of your home using the Mercari app and website. You may be confident you're receiving a decent price thanks to the customer ratings and opinions. Mercari is a fantastic option for online shopping overall.


Mercari, a revolutionary online retailer, has revolutionised the way consumers purchase and sell used products online. Mercari is a well-liked option for both consumers and sellers thanks to its user-friendly website, extensive selection of items, and dedication to environment. It is an important participant in the e-commerce sector due to its ongoing growth and reputation for eco-friendly methods, and it is anticipated that it will continue to develop over the next years.