Armed personnel are on heightened alert following a "Boko Haram" raid.

Jihadist terrorists were successful in seizing possession of the advanced station of the Cameroonian army in Djibrilli, close to the Nigerian border, during the night of October

Armed personnel are on heightened alert following a "Boko Haram" raid.

The attack has reignited discussion about reducing military funding to combat Boko Haram.The incident that occurred in the wee hours of October 21 in Djibrilli left the Cameroonian armed forces shaken. In the vicinity of Ashigashia, in the Mayo-Moskota sector of the Mandara Mountains, Boko Haram militants were able to capture control of the 42nd Motorised Infantry Brigade's command post for a number of hours. The groups present here are associated with the oldest division of Boko Haram, which is presently engaged in a bloody internal conflict with the Islamic State (19/10/22). They enter Cameroon via Marawa, Hyawa, and Degbawa villages as well as the surrounding area from their base in the Mount Tagoshe range.

The jihadists destroyed any vehicles that had trouble starting before leaving the position. The Cameroonian military hierarchy is afraid of situations like this. The Boko Haram group acquired heavy, long-range weapons, like as 14.5 mm and 20 mm anti-aircraft cannons. If they can master their usage of these, they will be able to assault Cameroonian defence troops from a distance of many kilometres.The Cameroonian army is holding off on commenting on the offensive for the time being. In an effort to seize the weapons from the other side of the border, its personnel are contending with challenging driving conditions brought on by the rainy season.

Army tightens its grip ??

The Djibrilli attack demonstrates the negative effects of diverting resources from the fight against Boko Haram to the strife in the nation's Anglophone areas . A contentious discussion has resulted from the decision to preserve sizable stockpiles of weaponry in a post whose staff has been steadily reduced since 2019 and is near to territory not controlled by the Nigerian army.Additionally without vehicles, many ground forces are compelled to remain in their bases rather than fanning out and taking control of the area. This has aided Boko Haram's expansion. The fact that numerous individuals have accused local soldiers of racketeering is another factor boosting jihadist activity in the area.

Additionally, there have been numerous assaults on the Cameroonian army base in Djibrilli. Soldiers from Boko Haram took 120 mm and 81 mm mortars, which can be used to create improvised explosive devices, on November 14.