In this article we discuss Of Flappy Bird and its popularity

A game designer and developer (Nguyn Hà ông), created the smartphone game Flappy Bird through their game creation business dot Gears. The bird is controlled by the gameplay user in this side-scrolling game as they try to avoid colliding with the green tube pillars while flying through people.

In this article we discuss Of Flappy Bird and its popularity

The game was made by Nguyen over through the course of many days, and it included a bird character that he originally built for a 2012 project that was not released.The videogame was launched in May 2013, but it suddenly had a massive growth at the beginning of 2014, turning it into a surprise success. Although some writers awarded Flappy Bird negative feedback highest degree of difficulties and suspicions of illustration and gameplay piracy, many efficient team it to be highly addicting. It became the most popular online free game for iOS just at end of January 2014. The game's creator claimed that during such time, revenue and in-app adverts together brought in $50,000 daily to Flappy Bird.

On February 10, 2014, Nguyen said that he has banned Flappy Bird from the Android And ios Devices because he told the truth about the game's addiction potential and excessive use. Because of its popularity and unexpected termination, phones that had the game downloaded prior to it being removed were advertised for sale for ridiculous amounts online. Following its elimination, Flappy Bird-like games gained popularity on the snartphone Devices and both android and ios deleted applications due to their being comparable to the real game from their respective app stores.

An upgraded edition of Flappy Bird named Flappy Birds Family was made available only on the Fire TV Stick in August 2014. A licenced cash Flappy Bird game features was also made available by Bay Tek Games.

how can we play this game ?

Inside the game series Flappy Bird, the participant controls the Faby bird, which continually flies to the freedom of speech and expression. Faby must be navigated between combinations of tubes that contain equal-sized holes positioned at different distances. Whenever the player presses the touch screen does Faby instantly climb. The game player receives one point for every reliable pass through such a pair of green tube. The game finishes when you hit a tube or the bottom. The player receives a trophy if they achieve 10 or more scores, a medal winner at 20 score, a gold medal at 30 gain score, and you can get platinum medal at 40 score on the game over display.

how development started ? 

Dong Nguyen was raised in the valley of Van Phuc, close to Saigon. Arcade Game Bros. introduced him to virtual worlds game as a kid, since at age 16, he started creating his creations. At the age of 19, he got a job working at Punch Multimedia, one of the handful of video game businesses in Vietnam, after completing his degree in coding at a nearby university. He discovered that the iPhone's most well-known games, like Angry Birds, were overly difficult when in use, and he wanted to develop a simplified game for individuals whom is constantly on the go."In between two and 3 days, Nguyen designed and produced the Flappy Bird game. Faby, a bird avatar, was initially created in 2012 for a console game that was never released. The player's gameplay was modelled around the activity of repeatedly hitting a metal ball with a paddle. The player might have been apparently much simpler as compared to the finished version, but Nguyen claimed he considered this edition to be dull and narrowed up the level as a result. "Very prevalent in the Japanese industry," he said of the marketing strategy of a download link with in-game adverts.


Flappy Bird Admittedly, it was a huge headache for other game developer is popularity was increasing day by day like this, then other companies did nagetive propaganda against them and got it banned.