The world's wealthiest individuals' horoscopes sign?

some people, are untold riches etched in stone? It turns out that several of the world's super-rich have the same zodiac sign. But do certain star signs have a higher chance than others of making millions of dollars? And how do you do compared to other zodiac signs?

The world's wealthiest individuals' horoscopes sign?

Are the odds of achieving financial success predetermined?

Are certain astrological signs destined for great wealth? Do certain star signs fall behind in the quest for wealth? According to studies, one star sign in particular appears to be predisposed to big riches.

Libra: Are the wealthy born?

Every sign of the horoscopes has a millionaire, but the lucky Libra tops the list. Nearly one in five millionaires were born under the sign, according to a study that crunched numbers from Forbes' Real Time millionaires list. But in terms of the rich stakes, how did everyone else fare?

Google cofounder's Larry Page ?

The second-highest of millionaires was located in Airesh.ome to prominent high earners like Google co-founder Larry Page. Aries people tend to be daring, forceful, creative, and optimistic, which might help them succeed in business.

Apple CEO Steve Ballmer

Only a select few people in the world, including former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer, have amassed fortunes exceeding $100 billion. He may have been able to join the ultra-exclusive "centibillionaire" club thanks to his boldness.

Scorpio - Mark Zuckerberg

Mark Zuckerberg, the creator of Facebook, is another millionaire. It's possible that the social media mogul's diligent and tenacious Taurus characteristics contributed to his over-$100 billion US fortune.