What Are the Eight-Digit Unique Bunker Codes for Warzones?

As part of the Call of Duty: Cold War reveal, bunkers include codes instead of a Red Access Card. These codes are bunker codes. There are 12 bunkers in Call of Duty Warzone, numbered 0 to 11. Gamers can enter some of these bunkers in pursuit of better equipment. While others, like the Rebirth Island Bunker, are just cool easter eggs. There are primarily two ways to get to these locations. Using a red access card is the first option, and entering an eight-digit warzone bunker code is the second.

What Are the Eight-Digit Unique Bunker Codes for Warzones?

The Warzone Bunker Codes

The following is the complete list of warzone bunker codes. You can access locations by typing the 8-digit unique code mentioned below.

1.     72948531 is the prison number.

2.     49285163 is the farmland number.

3.     27495810 is the TV station number.

4.     87624851 is the North Junkyard number.

5.     97264138 is the South Junkyard number.

6.     60274513 is the Park (Nuke) number.

The Warzone Prison Code

A little cottage sits just west of the Zordaya Prison Complex. This shack actually has an ordinary appearance and is difficult to access. However, prior to the bomb event, it had a keypad on the door. If you get the keypad back, you can enter the prison code and go inside to get some incredible stuff. Warzone Bunker's prison ID is 72948531, which you can easily copy to obtain the prison's location using COD.

The Farmland Code

Warzone Bunker has the farmland code 49285163. You may easily copy the location of the farmland in COD.

The Warzone Bunker TV Station Code

It is a difficult challenge to set up on TV stations. However, if you land a little to the east, you will discover another cabin. That cabin was previously safe with a keypad. You don't need to input the code anymore. But if the keypad reappears, below is the code you previously needed to enter. You can easily copy the TV Station Warzone Bunker Codes (27495810) to obtain the TV Station's COD location.

Code for the North Junkyard 

Warzone Bunker's North Junkyard Code is 87624851, which you can easily duplicate to obtain the North Junkyard Location in COD.

Code for the South Junkyard

Warzone Bunker's South Junkyard code is 97264138. Get the South Junkyard Location in COD by just copying it.

The Park (Nuke) Code

Warzone Bunker's Park (Nuke) Code is 60274513, which you can easily duplicate to obtain its Park (Nuke) Location in COD.

The Locations of COD Warzone Bunkers

The following is a list of all of the original Warzone bunker sites.

·        00

To find the way to this cunningly concealed place, head down the cliff on the west coast south of Promenade.

·        01

Go north of the boneyard and southwest of the kart circuit.

·        02

Take the road that leads to the previous bunker and head north.

·        03

It's immediately adjacent to Bunker 02, although you'll have to descend through a trap door.

·        04

Dam Southeast, the big Russian in the rocks above the sign. 

·        05

On the crash site's western side.

·        06

It's above the train tunnel, on the Far East side of the map between Lumber and Quarry.

·        07

The TV station is to the east of the stadiums northeast. Look for a second trap door. 

·        08

Step inside the bunker directly across from Bunker 7.

·        09

Northeast Prison is built into the cliff below the bridge. 

·        10

Tavorsk Park is located on Verdansk's southern border. 

Concerning the COD Warzone Bunker

In the game, a "Warzone Bunker" is a secure location that no one may enter. The secure and hidden items include password-protected laptops and old school phones. In this topic about COD Warzone Bunker Codes, we will go through how to utilize the phone. Furthermore, what the computer's in-game passwords are, and how to open a bunker in COD Warzone.

Data miners have discovered a crucial piece of information that clarifies how to access the bunkers in the COD Warzone. It's rumored that Call of Duty Warzone's future update will activate the access card user. The use of key cards appears to be the sole means to open the bunker doors.

The Use Of Access Cards

In COD Warzone, legendary loot frequently contains Red Access cards. It's true that the game has two additional keycard types, as reported by several news organizations. Because they are green and blue, it is clear that Warzone has many kinds of bunker levels. In the COD Warzone game, you can unlock various items depending on the level of access you have.

Final Words

There are now 6 Warzone Bunker Codes in the game that cover every Warzone Bunker. In a combat zone, a bunker is typically a safe spot to hide out or a substitute for a lobby. These areas are ideal for reloading, gathering consumables, and many other activities. This is because players can assemble there or hide from approaching enemies. We observed some enormous, vacant bunkers among the others.

Call of Duty developers disclosed the secret behind the game's 190 GB download size in a recent interview. Aiming for various game modes and realistic graphic textures has resulted in the game's enormous size. It also seems to imply that COD will soon receive a significant amount of fresh content in the form of patches and DLC.

To unlock the bunker doors hidden in the golden orange legendary case, you must find the access cards. Boxes are uncommon, but you can look for them at airport hangars. A blue box also contains a red access card. In the bottom left corner of the screen, adjacent to the health and armor bars, is a new card indicator. A card icon indicates how many access cards you have.