What is meant by "urban air"?

The best indoor theme park for family entertainment is called Urban Air. Our parks offer the ideal location for memorable children's birthday parties, exciting special events.

What is meant by "urban air"?

The best indoor theme park for family entertainment is called Urban Air. Our parks offer the ideal location for memorable children's birthday parties, exciting special events, and family fun. They have attractions suitable for visitors of all ages.

The fall 2019 opening of Urban Air Adventure Park in Appleton generated a lot of attention! What distinguishes Urban Air from other family-friendly entertainment choices? Urban Air is unlike anything else in the region; it is electric and packed with high-energy enjoyment. Trampolines are present, but there are also a lot more things.

Urban Air, a franchise with 154 locations across the country, has received Shape Magazine awards for being the BEST gym in America for kids, the BEST place to bring active kids, and the BEST trampoline parks.

Advice for your initial visit:

       Urban Air socks must be worn and purchased on your first visit, so dress comfortably.

       Enjoy your food and beverages:

       Our kids are typically peckish, and within the first hour, they were begging for a slushy since they were so thirsty! There will be choices for ordering and touchless meal service.

What distinguishes this location?

Trampoline parks are not what Urban Air is. Consider a bustling theme park. Not just children, but teens and adults will enjoy and benefit from participating in this healthy indoor exercise. We were forewarned by their general manager: "You are going to sweat here!" Children would undoubtedly be active in this setting, so it was carefully considered to avoid screen time. We want your experience to be one that you will always remember.

If your children are old enough (and responsible enough) to play independently, there is space for parents (equipped with massage chairs and TVs) to work or hang out (with wifi, of course).

We are very pleased with how active they have been and want them to remain in our neighbourhood. Special plans are in the works.

Children adore urban air for the following reasons:

       There are 365 days in a year, and your kids are out of school on average for 194 of them.

       The greatest way to save money and offer your child something to do with their friends—or an opportunity to make new friends—is to get them an Urban Air membership.

       You may give your favourite kids a membership with benefits only available to members for a monthly subscription that is almost half the cost of entrance.

Affordable Urban Air membership:

Urban Air in Noblesville offers annual subscriptions beginning at $10.99 per month. You can select the solution that best suits your exercise level and financial constraints from four available options.

Unrestricted visits to Urban Air:

You are permitted an unlimited number of visits to Urban Air each month. Every membership includes the right to visit your location each and every day that it is open. Just remember to make your ticket reservation before you leave!

Is there a membership for friends?

On Mondays, members only pay $9.99 to bring a guest along. That is a massive reduction in the admission fee. The same attractions that are included in your subscription will be accessible to your friend.

Affordable costs for parents and guardians:

With the purchase of a subscription for their child, parents or guardians can receive a monthly membership package for themselves for just $3.99. All of the enjoyable attractions are available to adults in the same way that they are to their children.

Special cafe rates:

Every time they visit, Ultimate Members will receive a complimentary snack from the café in addition to a discount on a large cheese pizza. Platinum Member passes include a free snack, a discount on a large cheese pizza, and a free slice of pizza every time you visit!AT EACH STOP!

Save money on Urban Air birthday celebrations and other events:

All members receive discounts of between 10% and 20% on items like t-shirts and socks. The birthday celebration for 10 guests that Ultimate and Platinum Members pay for can have an additional 5 friends added for free.

Does Urban Air have any blackout dates?

Every day that Urban Air is available to the public, which is virtually every day, your membership may be used.

Does Urban Air have an upper age limit?

There are no age restrictions, but there is a play area just for kids under seven. Play and conversation between parents are encouraged. There are certain height restrictions. For Warrior Attractions and Climbing Walls, you must be at least 41′′ tall; for the Sky Rider and the ropes course, you must be at least 48′′ tall. The tubes can be as tall as 52".