Biography of Michiaki Takahashi And what did they Invent in the medical field ?

Japanese virologist Michiaki Takahashi is well recognised for developing very first chickenpox vaccine. By creating v-Oka, a try living viral variant of something like the varicella zoster virus, he created the "Oka" vaccine.

Biography of Michiaki Takahashi And what did they Invent  in the medical field ?

Discussion of his early life ?

By February 17, 1928, Takahashi was birthed in Higashisumiyoshi-ku, Osaka, Japan. He graduated through Osaka University's Health Sciences with a degree in medicine in 1954 as well as the Postgraduate Program of Biological Sciences in 1959 with a concentration on poxvirus virology.

He continued education during 1963 and 1965 together at Fels Research Laboratory at Temple University in Philadelphia and at United states' Baylor Medical School.In 1971, he started working on a chickenpox vaccine after seeing his oldest son, Teruyuki, contract the illness when he was researching in the United States. Despite being quite challenging, the investigation was finished in 1973. The vaccine was recognised by the WHO as either the best chickenpox vaccine in 1984, and the Japanese Department of Care and Support gave its approval for widespread use in 1986.

In 1994, Takahashi was appointed as a chairman of the Microbiology Disease Research Team at Osaka University.

He received the rank of senior lecturer after leaving Osaka University.On December 16, 2013, he passed away suffering heart attacks.

  1. Cultural Saburo Kojima Legacy Award (1975)
  2. The third Intellectual Nomination from VZVRF (1997)
  3. the Prince Mahidol Prize 

Google Doodle celebrated his anniversary ?

The Japanese Association for Process by reducing the number Takahashi Prize was launched in October 2005 and is awarded annually. It is established in Takahashi's honour.

On his 94th anniversary, February 17, 2022, Takahashi received recognition with a Google Doodle.


Michiaki Takahashi He always used to research and think of new things.His research is a role model for all those who get infected due to chickenpox today.He is doing the whole world a favor by invent the vaccine.Today it is because of them that the chicken pox effect is relieved by their vaccine.