How the Yellowstone character appears in reality ?

Kevin Costner

How the Yellowstone character appears in reality ?

Kevin Costner

Although John Dutton could be in charge of the property, Costner has long been a popular movie star, appearing in blockbusters like Field of Imagination, Dance parties with Demons, and The Bodyguard.

 Kelly Reilly 

Reilly is really English, but you may not have guessed it from Beth's biting intellect. Movies like Dignity & Injustice and Sherlock Holmes include the authentic speech of the Oscar Medal winner.

Cole hauser

Stream Robbins is now everyone's official Yellowstone lover because to Cole Hauser's depiction of him in the movies Pretty Will Shooting and Fast and Furious. Even his natural looking hair and beard are dyed for the part.

Luke Grimes

Among all of the Dutton twins, Kayce perhaps has the most strained connections with his relatives, which is a significant accomplishment. Fortunately, because Grimes also featured in American Assassin and The Fantastic Seven, he really does have some experience assuming Kayce's former military and cowboy character.

Kelsey asbille 

Although Kelsey Asbille first gained attention on adolescent series somewhat Like Tree Farm and Teen Wolf, she is now a full-fledged adult playing Monica Dutton, Kayce's wife, on Yellowstone.

Jamie Dutton

The black sheep of the Thompson family, Jamie, is played by actor Bentley, who is most recognised for his performances on American Horror Movie and The Hunger Games.